when life feels like a dream and culture spills

14 Oct

My time here in Argentina has been a kaleidoscope of a life being lived and felt…

It’s hard to capture what all once was and is past in something so unreal as words. At times it is also difficult to disconnect and reflect on this life that is swiftly fluttering by as the sun rises and falls on the cobble stone or pavement streets and keep in mind and remind myself this is no dream, its real life I’m living. ahi Mi querido Buenos Aires!




life in the second week

7 Aug

Buenos Aires a city of everlasting     fun, friends, and just good times


 where the Italian influenced food freshness speaks for itself


and the adventures just keep coming!!!!!!

i’m in ❤ with it all




Hi, Hallo, Hola,مرحبا, 你好, Allo, Γεια σου, Shalom, नमस्ते, ciào, こんにちは, 안녕, Oi, Privet, tja, sawa dee-ka

7 Jul

ja I don’t know all these languages but someday I would lovee to…as for today it’s nearly 1am and dreaming is another dialect

sing me into the fluff and boogie of dreams THAO-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57OtoBN_Jig